A wonderful ride with a horse at the beach.......amazing! Everyday you can make your dream become true. By us with our beautiful horses.

5 of our happy horses Antonio , Zatouna , Farida , Morgana and Soraya

They are living their dream

Sambu and Mostafa have been working all their lifes with horses,inside  and outside of Egypt.Our stable is located inside the Magawish Hotel.

The welfare and happiness of the horses and guests are the most important matters to us !!!

So come and enjoy a ride of one of our 17 horses ...

... it doesn`t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we have horses for every type.

We offer both ; Beach/Desert trips, Horse-riding lessons ,half or full day trips and Camel trips


                                                     DON´T MISS IT !!!!!!!!!

Call us!  And enjoy our beautiful trips 

Horses and fun and dream become true by Happy Horse Stable Hurghada