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We offer half day and full day trips to the mountains. 

It's an amazing feeling riding on a horse , feeling the wind , the freedom and the happiness.

Try it out and you will fall directly in love 


Secial offer!!! Half day holiday by us at the stable (for 1 or 2 weeks)

You get your own horse to care about it ,feeding , groming , riding and  more.Children love it! 

Swimming with a horse in the Red sea its a feeling what brings you to another world. If you are in Hurghada its a must to swim with one of our horses.


2. Nov, 2016

Guests and fun at the beach

it's always a dream for everyone

  • Children learning everything about and around the horses.

  • a camel ride with your friend and to the desert with fire , tea and shisa ...what can be better? NOTHING!

  • swim trip

    a perfect solution when its hot ...... take a horse and friend's and go to swim.

Beachtrip Finish! Ready to swim with the horses.Nothing gives you a better feeling then that